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22 Frozen Meal Pack



This are our most popular range and size of frozen meals. Very generous and nourishing portions between 450- 500 grams They are ideal for lunches or evening meals and perfect for those busy lifestyles, taking only a few minutes to heat.

Choose 22 of the meals listed below and write your choices into the 'Additional shipping notes' box at the end of the check-out.
Don't worry if you miss it we'll contact you to confirm the meals you require.

We are unable to deliver to rural addresses sorry.
If you need help ordering please call (03)473 1680 or 022 657 5846 
between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm please.

Meals available:

Classic pumpkin soup (gf)(vegan) 500g 
Kumara & bacon soup (gf) 500g  
Chicken broccoli bacon penne (gf)450
Mac n cheese (v) 450g  
Bacon mac n cheese 450g  
Chicken fettuccine 450g
Pumpkin, rocket & walnut risotto (v) (gf) 450g
Moroccan Tagine (vegan) 500g
Mushroom & walnut risotto (v) 450g
Cajun chicken (gf) 500g
Beef & mushroom casserole (gf) 500g
Cornhill cottage pie (gf) 500g  
Chilli con carne cottage (gf) 500g
Smoked fish pie (gf) 500g
Chicken roast (gf) 500g
Beef roast (gf) 500g 
Pork roast (gf) 500g  
Venison sausages (gf) 500g
Venison spaghetti bolognese 450g 
Corned beef (gf)500g

(GF) gluten free (DF) dairy free (V) vegetarian  

You are paying $10.40 per meal plus shipping

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