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Sampler Bundle (12 frozen meals)


In this awesome bundle you will receive 12 frozen meals. A great way to sample a variety of our tasty and nutritious meals to find your favorites. Ideal for nights off cooking, busy people on the run and for anyone who is looking for a no fuss meal easy to prepare.
In this bundle you will receive the following frozen meals.

1 Bacon & Macaroni Cheese
1 Macaroni Cheese
1 Butter Chicken
1 Sweet n Sour Pulled Pork with sticky rice
1 Chicken Fettuccine
1 Cornhill Cottage Pie
1 Thai Pumpkin Curry with jasmine rice
1 Venison spaghetti Bolognese
1 Hungarian Goulash with fluffy rice
1 Lamb Roast or beef
1 Chicken Roast
1 Pork Roast

You are paying $8.16 per meal plus shipping.

SKU: 10034